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Thornbury Flowers

In need of fab flowers in Thornbury? Let Sarah’s Flowers deliver them today.

Thornbury is 9km north of Melbourne’s CBD near Brunswick East and Heidelberg West. It’s a top place to live and work, with a real village atmosphere that is a pleasant surprise so close to a colossal metropolis like Melbourne. Lovely parks and a couple of good golf courses give great opportunities to enjoy a breath of fresh air - no wonder the residents always look so happy. At Sarah’s Flowers we’re as pleased as punch to be delivering the freshest flowers to the delightful Thornbury residents, six days a week. There’s no one better to go to when you want to treat your loved ones to sensational flowers packed with both freshness and sentiment that speaks volumes about your generosity and affection. If you want to shower them with birthday wishes, give them a gift to say “get well soon”, romance your perfect partner, celebrate an achievement with floral fireworks, or give an emotional bolster to help someone through a difficult time, our Thornbury flowers do it better than anything.

Browse our website and you’ll see an array of styles that have been expertly designed to cater for your every flower giving occasion. Lilies are one of our favourite flowers for their exceptional versatility. We love them on their own, massed in bouquets of pink or white that gives an impressive display of colour for very little money, as you’ll see with our Lilies in Pink and Lilies in White bouquets. When mixed with other flowers, their size and elegance makes a fab base to build a spectacular arrangement around. Check out Sunset Blend and Colourful Box for great examples of lilies acting as the base of a floral pyramid any acrobat would be proud to be part of. Lilies can also do all out glamour. Lush Lilies is created with hot pink scented Oriental lilies, or pure white unscented Asiatic lilies. The design is a real showstopper, totally OTT and as perfect for the diva in your life as for gracing your business reception area or your home entryway. Our Thornbury flowers include a wide array of species like rich romantic long stemmed red roses, happy gerberas with their open faces and rainbow of colours, seasonal tulips, elegant irises, handsome native Australian wildflowers, and soft purple and white orchids. Because our florist sources flowers as freshly as possible, obtaining them from Victoria’s leading growers and suppliers, you can trust that your flowers will be almost humming with freshness and give impressive value for money.

To organise your flower delivery to Thornbury all you need to do is get in touch online, over the phone, or via our secure mobile site. Between these three options you can give us your details from anywhere in the world 24x7, then relax while we get on with doing what we do best. If you need fast delivery simply place your order by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and you’ll be able to access our same day service for no more than our normal low delivery rate. At Sarah’s Flowers we have covered every angle to ensure your experience leaves both you and your lucky recipient grinning with flower induced pleasure.

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